NON A LA BSL (Breed specific Legislation) & Bill 128



I believe in SCIENCE! It's 2017!!!!!

(Montréal , 2017-04-14)


Mon chien est un super chien sans aucune dose d'agressivité.

(St-Lazare, 2017-04-14)


All life matter

(mascouche, 2017-04-14)


This is an archaic bill that does nothing to reduce bites. It's not based on science or facts. Populism at its best

(Montreal, 2017-04-14)


This law is unacceptable

(Gatineau, 2017-04-14)


BSL does not work and muzzling a non violent dog is wrong

(Montreal , 2017-04-14)


It's the owner, not the breed. All professionally done studies show this to be true!

(Cambridge, 2017-04-14)


I do not want BSL in MY province!!!! Targeting a specific breed is like targeting different color skin in humans... politicians are NOT looking out for the publics safety,they are looking at how DEEP their pockets are, they are NOT experts in this!!! Corrupt politicians!!!

(Laval, 2017-04-14)



(Quebec, 2017-04-14)


Tout les chiens ont le droit de vivre, c'est certains maître qui devraient être rééduqués.

(Saint-hubert, 2017-04-14)


Bsl it stupide love all dog

(Quebec, 2017-04-14)


Cette loi portera préjudice à nos droits en tant que citoyens de choisir la race de nos animaux de compagnie ! Bannir une race en 2017 est plus qu'arrieré

(Sherbrooke , 2017-04-14)


Contre cette loi de merde ses les meilleur chien au monde !

(Valleyfield, 2017-04-14)


Im siging up to support my two putbulls and every dog that does not belong in the new law i love dogs and i do not wish to see this law come in action

(Farnham , 2017-04-14)


Je ne crois pas du tout que cela changera grand chose a notre société et notre sécurité. . Ce sont les gens qu'il faut supperviser dans leur maison, avec leurs chiens.. faites donc une loi à l'achat d'un Pitbull, faire des cours de dressage obligatoirement. Je vois oleins d'histoire d'horreur dans les refuges, SPA, SPCA concernant les types Pitbull maltraités, battus presque à mort etc... Pendant ce temps là, il y a la guerre et la famine dans le monde... Les pédophiles s'en sortent avec des sentences bonbons, le pot sera légale bientôt. .. VOYONS DONC !!!

(Granby, 2017-04-14)


Parce que cest asser le discrimination de race tan ka moi ya pas mal plus dhumain dangereux que de chien!!

(Weedon, 2017-04-14)


Pcq j'adore les pitbulls

(Ascot corner, 2017-04-14)


Non à une lsr

(Boisbriand, 2017-04-14)


It is racist..!

(Trois-Rivières, 2017-04-14)


Because in 2017 our politicians should be making decisions that protect both the public and animals. This law gives the appearance of protection, but countless jurisdictions with it have or are repealing their bans simply because they don't work. This law is also means a death sentence for countless animals that are born or abandoned here. Get to the root of the problem and legislate the breeding and selling of animals for starters. That would intimately protect both humans and animals in the long run.

(Dorval, 2017-04-14)


I find this law degrading. And unfair

(Montreal , 2017-04-14)


Ce n'est pas la race. Ils n'ont rien fait. Arrêter de bannir des chiens pour rien

(Saint-blaise-sur-richelieu, 2017-04-14)


My pitbull is a member of my family.

(Québec , 2017-04-14)


Bsl won't do anything helpful but will punish good dogs and owners. Educate owners not blame the dogs.

(Longueuil , 2017-04-14)


For my baby girl, Freyja. My emotional support dog, my best friend.

(Gatineau, 2017-04-14)


I Will do anything for my dog!

(Montréal, 2017-04-14)


This non sense has to stop!!! Target the right end of the leash!! Owners are the problem,not the breed!!

(Brossard, 2017-04-14)


I love them ♥️

(Notre-Dame-de-stanbridge, 2017-04-15)


U cannot punish a whole breed of animal because of a few bad seeds. Use some common sense and come up with an actual policy that will work. If u want to control who owns what u consider a dangerous breed make mandatory sterilization and training classes. Special registration. Ontario bylaw doesnt work but lets stick our heads up our asses and follow suit. This is all based on politicians view whom im sure most probably dont even own a dog

(None business, 2017-04-15)


L'interdiction de race du chien ne protègera jamais le public, au lieu de discriminer contre les chiens vous devriez responsabiliser les propriétaires au bout de la laisse, pénaliser les irresponsables. Ne gaspiller pas notre argent sur la législation coûteuse et inefficaces.

(Montréal , 2017-04-15)


Equality for all dogs

(Gatineau , 2017-04-15)


C'est ridicule d'interdire un type de race, de pénaliser des être qui ne demande que d'être aimer à cause de personne iresponsable

(Havre-Saint-Pierre, 2017-04-15)


I disagree with this bill. The responsible owners are being punished, innocent dogs are being punished .

(Laval, 2017-04-15)


Cette race n'est pas nessairement dangereuse .... ces les hommes qui les rendent comme sa

(Mandeville, 2017-04-15)


This law will kills many innocent dogs

(Coteau du lac, 2017-04-15)


Pas le droit de nous auter nos chiens comme sa!

(Saint-georges, 2017-04-15)


I have a Pit Bull and for me its the most important Dog because evrytime is ready to die for you just for make sure your life is safe. I always said : The dog whatever the race it's like a gun!! The Gun Don't Shoot by Himself, But the Humans beside the gun put him fingers on the gatchet. It's the same story with any race of dog. It's like a mirror. He do what you show to him !

(Candiac, 2017-04-15)


Because I love my dog

(Coteau-Du-Lac, 2017-04-15)


J'adore ces race de chien je ne veut pas une euthanasie de masse ils ne mérite pas sa se sont de super bon chiens

(Saint-caluxte, 2017-04-15)


je signe parce que j'ai deux pitbull super bebe lala un volwur rentrerai cher nous et mes chien le lecherais tellement !❤️❤️❤️

(Napierville, 2017-04-15)


Quebec animal laws are ancient. Wake up!!!!

(Toronto, 2017-04-15)


killing based on appearances is stupid

(montreal, 2017-04-15)


J'ai mon chien !!! Oui un type pit bull oui un chien qui vie avec 3 jeune enfant !!! C leur meilleur amis et vous voulez leur enlever wow !!! #jesuispitbull

(Granby, 2017-04-15)


Pas les chiens le problème c'est les maîtres !!!!!

(Drummondville , 2017-04-15)


Il ne faut pas punir les chiens pour des mauvais maître!!

(Montreal, 2017-04-15)


I'm signing because breeds don't make bad dogs, people make bad dogs. BSL is ineffective in It targets good dog with responsible owners and ignores many bad dogs with irresponsible owners. We don't need BSL... We need Responsible Dog Ownership Laws period. BSL looks at the wrong end of the leash.

(Montreal , 2017-04-15)


How the government of Quebec thinks that they will be the first ones ever to implement this archaic prejudicial law is a scar to the already pathetic animal welfare laws in Canada. A country that preaches equality and acceptance. Pretty hypocritical if you ask me

(Ottawa, 2017-04-15)


Loi stupide et raciste

(Ste hypolithe , 2017-04-15)


BSL targets all dogs of a breed, the good, the bad and the beloved and innocent. Legislation needs to deal with bad owners not a specific breed!

(Ottawa, 2017-04-15)


This law is a death wish on pure innocent !!!!

(Ste-Catherine, 2017-04-15)


Je ne crois pas au bannissement d'une supposée race quelqu'elle soit.

(Laval, 2017-04-15)


Immoral and inhumane

(Montreal , 2017-04-15)


Everyone is so quick to blame the breed and the other end of the leash geta a walk. This is wrong and has NO science that supports banning Pit Bulls

(Vancouver, 2017-04-16)


Du gros bon sens

(Levis, 2017-04-16)


Complete bs

(Whitby, 2017-04-16)


I am signing because BSL doesn't work. I have known many Rottweilers in my life and can only say what wonderful companions they are. Unfortunately due to BSL in Ontario, I haven't had the privilege of knowing any pit bulls. Looks
At the research. BSL has not been effective in Ontario and it won't be in Quebec.

(Toronto, 2017-04-16)


BSL is useless, accomplishes nothing, damages everything.

(Amherstburg , 2017-04-16)


ANY kind of breed discrimination is exactly that and so wrong!

(Uxbridge, 2017-04-16)


Any legislation that targets a dog instead of the human that owns it is stupid and careless.

(Toronto, 2017-04-16)


Breed bans don't work!

(Ladysmith, 2017-04-16)


BSL will never work to prevent dog bites. Any dog can bite if provoked and we need to treat dogs on an individual basis not what they look like. We need to educate the public to know how to be around dogs and punish the owners that abuse, neglect and don't train their dogs. I belong to a couple of dog groups and we go on walks, hikes and playdates with a variety of dogs from little poodles, pugs, beagles and terriers to German shepherds, rotties, labs and Great Danes. They all get along great and we make sure they are well socialized and trained. Banning certain breeds makes everyone that has a dog suspect and many innocent dogs are taken from their loving families and killed because the way they look.

(Belleville, Ontario, 2017-04-16)


It`s a stupid law and it has proven time and time again that BSL is not the answer. These dogs don't deserve this death sentence or being forced to live a life of restreint.

(Montreal, 2017-04-16)


It's not the breed of the dog that is the problem, it's the breed of humans who are the problem.

(Ontario, 2017-04-16)


BSL does not work and hasn't been effective in any municipality where it has been implemented.

(Toronto, 2017-04-16)